Couples Therapy

Are you finding that voids in emotional and physical intimacy, communication issues, and/or disruptive patterns of behavior are creating distance in your relationship?

Being human can be hard but relationships can be even harder! Especially when we feel that we haven’t been given the tools to navigate them. Perhaps our parents didn’t model healthy conflict or communication in relationship, or perhaps we have deep wounds from a past partner that make it hard to connect with our current partner. I want to help teach you the tools that you and your partner deserve to have in order to function at your best capacity in your relationship. I am trained in the Gottman method to help you build trust and commitment with your partner.

How I can help
  • Increase your ability to communicate what you really need to your partner
  • Understand how childhood impacts your ability to connect authentically
  • Build trust and understanding
  • Repair preexisting relational wounds